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Oct 7, 2019

We are very happy with your Pro Care Teams! James and Amy

- James

Sep 24, 2019

I mentioned that I had spilled some toilet cleaner on the linoleum and it was pretty dirty so I wanted them to focus most of the time on the floors and the master shower. The staff is very nice and efficient and they are receptive to me giving them direction like this. Thanks!

- Lori

Sep 16, 2019

Spick and Span (if that phrase means anything to you)....

- Ed

Sep 6, 2019

The crew did exactly what I wanted done very efficiently and the arrival time was within the time frame provided. Jaucelyn has been here a few times before and knows the "routine" so it's nice not having to explain everything. I also appreciate your company working with me when I had to change Friday dates to Mondays a couple of times.

Sep 4, 2019

ProCare has a wonderful team and they care for my home with professional service and a personal touch. I really appreciate their flexibility and consistency. And I trust them to be in my home without me there, never been disappointed. I highly recommend ProCare.

- Jody

Sep 4, 2019

I really like my team and completely trust them as I’m rarely home when they are here.

- Nola

Aug 28, 2019

My house was noticeably cleaner this week! They really did a fantastic job!

- Tina

Aug 28, 2019

All 3 were dedicated to their tasks and performed extremely well. They completed the cleaning without disturbing me while I worked in my den.

- Ron

Apr 1, 2019

I look forward to your coming and getting things cleaned and straightened up.

- Nancy

Mar 28, 2019

Friendly, professional.

- Kay

"We really appreciate these ladies for working very hard. They do 5 star service in our home. We have received many fliers from other cleaning companies. There isn't one company who compares to ProCare."

-John Whitcomb

"I have had many house cleaning services and am pleased to recommend ProCare Cleaning. My home (with 5 cats and dogs) is always clean and sparkling when they leave. Whether it is the cleaning team that comes in or customer service when you call. They are just the best!!"

- Delayne R., Vancouver, WA

...Everything I asked was done beautifully. "Green" cleaning products were used at my request, the house looked so good, smelled so good - I can't describe what a thrill it was to walk into the house and take it all in... Great experiences - friendly and professional - A+ !!!

- A Grateful Customer