15 House Cleaning Secrets from the Professionals

How to Clean Ceiling Fans No Matter How Dusty They Get
May 4, 2018
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15 House Cleaning Secrets from the Professionals

Ever wonder how professional house cleaners make a house look picture-perfect and smell like a dream in just a few hours?

15 of the most useful cleaning secrets from the pros

Some of these tips are surprising, and all of them will help you streamline your cleaning routine and enjoy your home more.

1. Ignore the clutter.
This secret might surprise you, but think of it from a professional cleaner’s point of view. Their job isn’t to sort your mail or organize your kids’ toys. When it’s time to clean, tackle your house the way a pro would. Quickly tidy your paperwork into piles, toss shoes into closets, and put small objects into baskets for later organization. That way, you can clean your surfaces and floors properly. Then, pick a different day for cutting your clutter.

2. Start at the top.
In each room, start at the highest point, such as dusting ceiling fans or wiping high shelves. Work your way down, sweeping any crumbs or dust onto the floor. Go ahead and knock dust and debris loose from curtains, lampshades, throw pillows, and other soft surfaces. As you work your way down, all the dust, pet hair, and debris will land on the floor to be vacuumed up at the end. Many professional cleaners also recommend you follow a cleaning path: top to bottom, back to front, and in slices from left to right. By following the path systematically, you reduce the time you spend looking around and deciding what to clean next. Instead, you just keep moving ahead on the path and you never have to go back to an area.

3. Work fast.
Professional cleaners work on a schedule, cleaning quickly and efficiently to get the entire house done. With practice and focus, you, too, can streamline your tasks. Some cleaners even claim you can do an entire house in an hour! While that might only be true for the tiniest of homes, there’s no doubt that it’s easy to accidentally waste time and burn out before the job is done. If you’d like to speed up your system, follow this plan for how to clean your house fast with smart, timesaving tips.

4. Simplify your cleaning products.
You don’t really need a cabinet bursting with a different product for each cleaning task. Many basic cleaning products can be used in a wide range of situations. For example, vinegar is an inexpensive, natural solution that can be used to cut grease, disinfect surfaces, shine glass, clear drains, clean toilets, remove stains, and even polish furniture. You will probably need more than just vinegar, but some professionals rely on as few as three basic cleaning products to tackle the entire house. Want to try it? Reduce your cleaning arsenal to one cleaning/degreasing solution, a spray bottle of white vinegar, and a wood cleaner such as lemon oil.

5. Use this miracle cleaning solution.
Even if you reduced your cleaning products down to just a few versatile cleansers, you may still encounter some tough cleaning jobs as you work in your home. That’s where a simple, natural solution made from vinegar and baking soda comes in handy. Even the pros will admit it’s kind of fun to watch these two household ingredients foam up when they’re combined, but the real miracle takes place when you put the solution to work. Use the vinegar and baking soda combo to tackle some of the toughest cleaning jobs in the house. It works beautifully on everything from scorched pans to shower drains.

6. Use the right tools for dusting.
If you’ve ever tried to dust your entire house with a couple of rags, you know they’re not quite up to the job. One swipe and you’ve got a dirty cloth and a lot of dust flying around. Instead, invest in the proper tools for dusting, and you’ll save time and effort while vanquishing the dust in your home. Get started with a long-handled bendable duster that helps you reach ceiling fans, light fixtures, tops shelves, and other spots up high. A soft-bristled paintbrush makes a perfect duster for delicate antiques and trinkets. Don’t forget that the brush attachment on your vacuum is handy for dusting, too, especially hard-to-reach spots like air vents.

7. Don’t ignore the dreaded window and shower tracks.
It’s amazing how quickly window and shower tracks fill up with dust and gunk. The good news is that you don’t need an expensive cleaning product or a lot of time to clean this tough area. Make window and shower tracks part of your regular cleaning routine by applying a solution of baking soda and vinegar. Then, an old toothbrush, rag, and butter knife are all the tools you’ll need to clean window and shower tracks like a pro.

8. Steam clean your microwave.
No matter how many times you remind your family to cover dishes before microwaving, someone always forgets. Next thing you know, you’ve got a microwave splattered with dried-on food that’s disgusting to look at and hard to clean. Never fear, because professional cleaners know the quick tricks for cleaning your microwave that save time and elbow grease. First of all, steam it! Fill a bowl with water and add a little vinegar and wedges of lemon or other citrus fruit. Put the bowl in the microwave and heat until the solution boils and fills the microwave with steam. Don’t open the door, but let the microwave rest for a few minutes. Finally, simply wipe the inside with a microfiber cloth or paper towel, and watch the food particles come right off. Your microwave will look and smell fresh and clean.

9. Go ahead, clean it in the dishwasher.
Don’t waste a lot of time soaking and scrubbing small household items like soap dishes, toothbrush organizers, sink drains, and stove burner liners. Instead, put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher and let it do the work for you. Just about anything made of hard plastic, glass, metal, or ceramic can be run safely through the dishwasher. Wondering what else you can clean in there? Pros say hairbrushes, pet dishes, gardening tools, plastic baby toys, refrigerator shelves, and lots of other items can be cleaned in the dishwasher. We don’t know about you, but we’re now looking all over the house for more stuff to load up and clean fast.

10. Clean the bathtub smarter, not harder.
When it comes to cleaning the tub or shower stall, a little patience is a big virtue. Start by applying a thin, even layer of your bathroom cleaning product all over the tub or shower stall. You don’t even need a specialty bathroom product for this; a basic degreasing cleanser will work great if you give it time to soak. While you clean other areas, the cleanser will work its magic dissolving soap scum and body oils. After waiting several minutes, simply scrub and rinse. To leave the tub and shower stall sparkling like a pro would, finish the job by applying a fine mist of vinegar and wiping dry with a microfiber cloth.

11. Vanquish unsightly toilet stains.
The first tip a professional cleaner will share is to clean your toilets regularly before stains build up. If you’re too late for that advice, you might think you need bleach or other strong cleansers, along with a stiff toilet brush. However, you can save time and effort—and get a really clean toilet—if you follow these steps to clean toilet stains like a pro. Want a sneak peak? Vinegar-soaked paper towels and patience are the key ingredients.

12. Vacuum everywhere.
If you thought the vacuum was only good for carpets, think again. Professional cleaners know that a timesaving secret is to vacuum every floor in the house, including bathrooms and the kitchen. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to pick up dust, hair, and all the little bits of debris that like to hide in corners. After vacuuming, go ahead and mop all the hardwood and tile floors, starting with the furthest corner and working your way back to the door.

13. Use microfiber cloths for everything.
To clean like a pro, it’s worth laying in a large supply of microfiber cloths. These multitasking miracle workers can be used on nearly every surface in the house. Better yet, they reduce the amount of cleaning products you’ll need to use, and they leave surfaces dry and clean with a minimum of wiping. Some professionals believe so strongly in the power of microfiber cloths that they only use water or vinegar to clean many surfaces. There’s simply no other cleaning tool so versatile and effective.

14. Leave every surface sparkling.
When you invest your time and hard work into cleaning your home, you deserve the reward of a living space that looks, feels, and smells wonderful. Professional house cleaners know how important it is that a house literally gleams, which is why they always end cleaning jobs with this bright trick. Simply spray a little vinegar onto a microfiber cloth, and give every surface one final wipe as you finish each room. Don’t forget appliances, doorknobs, mirrors, windowsills, and baseboards.

15. Clean regularly.
When you ask professional house cleaners for their top tip, this is the piece of advice most of them would share. Clean often. In fact, the pros recommend you set a regular cleaning day—once a week is most common—and set aside enough time to clean the entire house in one go. There are two benefits to cleaning regularly. First, you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor—there’s nothing like relaxing in a fresh, clean house. Second, you’ll save work in the end. It’s a lot easier to clean a mostly clean house than it is to wait until you are faced with a dirty disaster. Cleaning regularly means there isn’t time for soap residue to build up, dust to collect in difficult-to-reach spots, and other problems to accumulate.

Craving a clean home? Do it yourself or call in the professionals.
Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. By following professional tips and staying on top of the tasks, you can tackle the job confidently. Living in a clean and organized home really does make life better. With a clean home, you’ll invite people over more often, enjoy your downtime, and take pride in your surroundings.

Of course, it can be tough to find the time and energy to keep your home as clean as you would like. When you need help, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals to get your house fresh and sparkling. Although there can be satisfaction in cleaning your own home, it’s also a magical feeling to come home to beautifully, professionally cleaned rooms.

Ever been curious how much it costs to have your home professionally cleaned? Call your local cleaning professionals, ProCare Cleaning, for a quote. They would love to tell you all about their services. You won’t need any more secrets when you have the pros cleaning your home for you!

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