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5 Cleaning Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Try

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3 Myths that May be holding you back from hiring a Housecleaning Service
by allprocleanadmin | Oct 30, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
If you haven't hired a housecleaning service to take care of the cleaning in your home, what's holding you back? Could it be that you have fallen prey to a misconception?

Here are the top 3 myths that could be holding you back from the glorious wonder of housecleaning services.

Myth 1: "Hiring a housecleaning service is for the rich. I can't afford that!" This one is absolutely crazy! Hiring a cleaning service is actually much more affordable than you might think, and these services are designed for the average person. The busy mom, the bachelor who spends most of his free time at work, and the socialite who would much rather be out with friends than in scrubbing the toilet.

Myth 2: "I can't let strangers into my home. What if something is broken or goes missing?" One of the biggest things holding people back from hiring a cleaning service is the silly idea that cleaners can't be trusted. So, I'm not telling you that stranger danger doesn't exist, but cleaning service owners know that you are putting your confidence in them, so they hire accordingly. With background checks, bonding and insurance, cleaning services do everything in their power to safeguard your home by hiring trustworthy and honest individuals.

Myth 3: "It's my home. I'll clean it better than anyone else would." Au contraire. Professional cleaners literally do this for a living. They arrive at your home armed with the tools and techniques that are needed to tackle anything. Professional-grade equipment and specially formulated products mean that these cleaners will clean your home faster and more thorough than you would.

So, now that these 3 main myths have been busted, are you ready to hire a Vancouver, WA house cleaning service? Give ProCare Cleaning a call today at (360) 448-2271!

This Vancouver, WA maid service will clean your home from top to bottom in less time than you'd think, for less money than you'd think, and it will leave you with the peace of mind that your home is truly clean!
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How to Be Germ Free and Clean this School Year
by allprocleanadmin | Oct 15, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
While kids hurry off back to school to spend their days learning and socializing, there's always the chance that they'll bring home germs and grime. From lunchboxes to backpacks, there are a lot of dirty places for bacteria and bugs to hide on your kiddos school items. We review ways to stay clean and tidy despite returning to the schoolyard:

All that applesauce and those sugary juice drinks can cause stains and stickiness in lunch pails. A simple strategy for getting lunch boxes and pails clean? Take a scrub brush and mix together a solution of baking soda and water. Use the mixture and the brush to scrub and eliminate residue.

A backpack can double as a portable trashcan and be filled with debris and dirt. First, take and turn the backpack upside down and then follow up with a scrub brush session or vacuum the interior. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean any remaining gunk in pockets or at the bottom of the backpack.

Dirty Shoes
All that time spent frolicking on the playground can create dirty and cruddy shoes. Clean off youngsters' footwear by using a magic eraser for spots or tackling with a baking soda and warm water mixture. Toothpaste and an old brush with some elbow grease can also make soles and canvas look new. Still desperate to eradicate those shoe stains? Try a spin in the washing machine. Need help getting kiddos and your home clean and sparkling for this fall? We're here to help! Contact ProCare Cleaning in Vancouver, Washington.
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Kid approved Non-Candy Trick or Treat Ideas
by allprocleanadmin | Oct 1, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's almost time for the annual candy dash through the neighborhood. As a child I always looked forward to trick or treating, and it's always exciting to see a new batch of kiddos share that enthusiasm.

One thing that has changed over the years is the prevalence of food allergies. For this reason, it's a nice idea to offer something other than candy to the sweet little treat-seekers at your door.

To keep from scraping egg off of your door the next morning, it's also a good idea to have some candy available, at least for the older kids.

Here are some awesome ideas of kid approved non-candy Halloween handout ideas!

Healthier Yummies:
Just because you aren't handing out candy doesn't mean you can't hand out a sweet or salty treat. Choose small individual size servings of these fun and delicious treat options!

  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Granola bars
  • Small bags of unpopped popcorn
  • Hot chocolate or apple cider packets
  • Pretzels
  • Fruit cups
  • Animal crackers
  • Real fruit leather

Small toys:
You probably want to keep some age-appropriate options available for the particularly young treat-seekers, but you'll probably find that even the older kids will love getting these small trinkets and toys.

  • Small Play Dough containers
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Stickers
  • Yo yos
  • Bubbles
  • Hacky sacks
  • Sticky hands
  • Small puzzles
  • Fake Halloween teeth
  • Little figurines
  • Keychains

Useful items:
There's nothing better than handing out something that can be used later instead of just discarded. You'll surely be the hit of the neighborhood if you hand out some of these awesome treats!

  • Themed Band-aids
  • Glow sticks or small flashlights (For trick or treat safety)
  • Nail polish or hair accessories
  • Bubble bath
  • Crazy straws
  • Pencils
  • Mini note pads
  • Book boards
  • Bracelets and rings
  • Coloring books and crayons

No matter what you choose to hand out on Halloween night, just remember to smile a big smile and take in the excitement of the evening.

Are you preparing Pinterest-quality adorable handouts for Halloween? Don't forget to add "hire a Vancouver cleaning service" to your Halloween prep checklist.

ProCare Cleaning Service can clean your home from top to bottom so that you have more time to glue tiny googly eyes to juice boxes before the trick or treaters arrive!

What are you handing out for Halloween this year? Leave us a comment to let us know!
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4 Things in Your Home that You’re Forgetting to Clean
by allprocleanadmin | Sep 17, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
Just because things look or smell clean doesn't necessarily mean that they are. We all know the obvious, kitchen sink, shower, and toilet, but what else in your home could be harboring germs and bacteria right now?

Here are 4 things in your home that probably need to be cleaned right now.

Ear Buds
Listening to music is a great way to relieve stress, but it may stress you out if you really thought about all of the sweat, makeup, and oil your ear buds come into contact with daily. Not to mention what bacteria is lurking at the bottom of your purse where your ear buds hang out all day long.

To clean: Never submerge any electronic device in water. Dip a Q Tip in rubbing alcohol and wipe them down to sanitize them. If your ear buds have removable silicone covers, you can soak them in white vinegar for 5 minutes.

Cell Phone
How many times a day do you think you pick up your phone? Every time you pick up your phone, you are contaminating it with whatever you have touched since the last time you washed your hands.

To clean: Purchase a soft cloth that is specially designed for screens, and keep it handy. These cloths will prevent smudges while also making sure that sensitive screens and covers aren't scratched. To sanitize, you can use an alcohol wipe, or wipe the phone down with a cotton ball that is slightly damp with rubbing alcohol.

Reusable Grocery Bags
While ditching the paper and plastic is a great way to help the environment, these bags are also exposed to everything that you purchase including raw meat. To prevent cross-contamination,

To clean: Check the care label for any specific washing or drying tips. Most bags can be turned inside out and tossed in the washing machine as you would any other fabric item.

Just like your ear buds, your glasses can attract everything from sweat and oils to makeup and hair products. Natural reaction is probably to grab the bottom of our shirt to clean any smudges from your glasses, but this can actually do more harm than good by causing dust and dirt to scratch your lenses.

To clean: Run your glasses under warm water and use your finger to wipe dish soap on the lens and frames. After you rinse them well, buff them dry with a lint-free cloth to ditch any streaks without leaving fuzz behind. When it comes to the rest of your home, let a Washougal maid service handle the cleaning. Give ProCare a call today to schedule your clean service!
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How to Prepare your Home for Guests in 30 Minutes or Less
by allprocleanadmin | Sep 7, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
So, imagine you have a Vancouver, WA cleaning service clean your home once a month. (Lucky you!) You just got a call from your cousin who is in town for the day and wants to stop by for a last-minute visit. As she tells you the news you are excited, until you realize that it's been 3 and a half weeks since your cleaning service came by, and your house could really use some TLC.

What should you do? Before you freak out, take a deep breath and check out this super fast guide to whipping your house into shape in 30 minutes or less.

Boost the Troop Morale
We all know you could probably go in crazy cleaning-hulk mom-mode and tackle everything yourself, but you don't have to. Cleaning is more fun when you have help, plus things get done so much faster. Grab the kids, crank up some upbeat jams, and let everyone know that the countdown has begun.

Think about the rooms where your guests will be hanging out. This isn't the best time to reorganize the playroom. Focus on the entryway, living room, kitchen, and guest bathroom. Assign one of the troops to each of these areas so that things are knocked out as quickly as possible.

Speed things up
The term "speed cleaning" takes on a whole new meaning when you are up against a 20 or 30-minute deadline. If you're having some serious clutter issues, consider the ancient tool of cleaning desperation: the laundry basket. If you don't have enough time to put everything away where it goes, you can put any out of place items into a laundry basket and just stick it in a closet. You can take a few minutes to go through the basket to put everything away in its rightful place once your guest leaves.

Add some finishing touches
Now that everything is put away (or hidden in the closet) take a quick walk around your house to add in those last-minute touches. Stock the bathroom with toilet paper, change the hand towel, and spray some essential oils. Looks like you have just enough time to pop some cookies in the oven or get some snacks ready.

After you enjoy your visit, consider that it may be time to up your Vancouver, WA maid service schedule to weekly or bi-weekly. Let ProCare Cleaning Service keep your home clean so you never have to worry about last-minute guests ever again!
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4 Safe Ways to Clean Using Rubbing Alcohol
by allprocleanadmin | Aug 27, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
An underrated cleaning product, rubbing alcohol has traditionally been used as medicine cabinet staple for cleaning wounds, cuts and scrapes. In general, it's an ideal item to use for disinfecting, however, rubbing alcohol should be used carefully and not near electrical sources like toasters or as a cleaning agent for the oven.

Dissolving dirt and oil while speed drying, rubbing alcohol can be a lifesaver when it comes to pesky spots and stains. Here are five ways to use rubbing alcohol around your home:

1.) Disinfecting Spray Mixed with water, rubbing alcohol can do a number on germs and grime. During cold and flu season, this liquid can help to abolish bad bacteria on a variety of surfaces. Just don't use near lacquer, man made fabrics, painted surfaces and always use in well-ventilated areas.

2.) Stainless Steel Used with a non-abrasive cloth, rubbing alcohol can clean stainless steel appliances like refrigerators. Perfect for removing fingerprints and drying streak-free, it's a great budget-friendly cleaning agent.

3.) Computer Parts and Pieces Ideal for de-gunking computer keyboards and the accompanying mouse, rubbing alcohol can disinfect and degrease those frequently used electronic surfaces. Try rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or small cotton pad.

4.) Ink Eraser When marker or ink stains happen to appear on clothing, don't panic, instead, try soaking the spot with rubbing alcohol for a few moments followed by blotting the stain clean with a paper towel. Place the garment in the wash as per the instructions on the label.

Need help cleaning your home in Vancouver Washington? Our professional maid team at ProCare is here to help! Contact us at: 360-448-2271 today!
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Clean and Organize Your Kitchen in Vancouver
by allprocleanadmin | Aug 19, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
"My kitchen was clean last week. Sorry you missed it."
Does this sound familiar??

The kitchen is the center of a home and is where most of the flurry of activities and interactions take place. From packing school lunches to finishing homework projects to creating culinary masterpieces, the kitchen is the place where most families gather and grub.

There are drawbacks to the fact that the kitchen is the most popular room in the home, namely, clutter. The kitchen can quickly become a place where papers, mail, tools, packages, electronics, food and cooking instruments become lost in piles of mess.

Fear not, it's easy to keep your kitchen organized and simplified with this handy list of tasks to do each time you're ready for a full and deep kitchen clean:

_Clean cupboards and wipe down cupboard doors and pantry doors
_Organize and purge the fridge and freezer
_Organize and purge the pantry
_Clean the microwave
_Organize under the kitchen sink and dispose of old or unused cleaning solutions
_Clean the garbage disposal
_Organize drawers and remove any non-kitchen items
_Find an organization caddy for any miscellaneous items (coupons, pens and rubber bands)
_Clean the oven and stovetop
_Clean the dishwasher
_Sweep and/or mop and clean baseboards
_Clean windows and blinds
_Clean light fixtures

Need help getting your kitchen looking sensational once again? Contact our maid service professionals in Vancouver for a dreamy and clean kitchen makeover!
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4 Things to Never Clean with Paper Towels in Vancouver
by allprocleanadmin | Aug 10, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
Paper towels can save a kitchen from splatters and spills, make windows gleam and shine and wipe down countertops with gusto. Often relied upon by throngs of cleaning gurus, paper towels can be a real lifesaver. Still, there are items that just aren't suitable for a paper towel session. Here are four things to avoid cleaning with your favorite paper sheets:

1.) Navy Slacks
Sure, paper towels seem friendly to fabrics but in reality, dark clothing and paper towel is one big fail. Wetting and wiping a paper towel against dark colored clothing can leave lint behind and make a stain all the more problematic. A clean cloth is the best option when blotting spills.

2.) Carpet
Did a glass of wine fall to the floor during a heated game of Jenga? A paper towel rub on a wine stained carpet is not a brilliant strategy. Rubbing paper towel into carpet will make it shred and embed into the carpeting fibers. A white cloth is a much better idea for pesky carpet stains.

3.) Electronics
The rough texture of a paper towel can be too much for delicate electronics. A microfiber cloth or an alcohol wipe is a much better solution to smudges and germs on tech devices.

4.) Dusty Wood Furniture
Never rub paper towels into dusty furnishings as both the towel and the dust can be abrasive. A paper towel onceover can actually cause damage to the finish of furniture. A cloth with a dollop of furniture polish is a much brighter idea.

Need help with tending to cleaning chores sans paper towel? Our maid service team in Vancouver, Washington is here to the rescue! Please contact us to receive a custom quote here!
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Joe No! 3 Ways to Get Coffee Stains Out in Vancouver
by allprocleanadmin | Aug 5, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
While many people are addicted to the buzz from their morning brew, it's unlikely that they also enjoy the end result of coffee stains and spills.

Coffee is one of those things that has an unfortunate way of ending up right on the carpet before an evening dinner party, on that festive summer sheath prior to your big interview or all over the couch thanks to a friendly pup. But fear not, we've got you covered in Vancouver.

Here are three ways to erase those coffee stains and get on with your day:

1.) Shirt Spills Soak the spot in cool water, if possible, and wait for a half hour. Pretreat with a stain remover and launder as normal. If the coffee had creamer mixed in, be sure to add a detergent with enzymes, which will help left the stain.

2.) Couch and Furniture Spills Take a solution of one tablespoon of liquid dish soap mixed with two cups of cool water. Use a clean and light or white cloth and soak it in the mixture and then blot the stain until it fades and disappears. Blot the spot one more time with cold water.

3.) Carpet Spills Coffee and carpet don't mix! Blot as much of the stain off the carpet as possible and then try a solution of one tablespoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Use a clean white cloth and sponge the stain with the mixture. Add the mixture sparingly and in small increments and blot with the dry cloth until the stain is completely gone. Need help getting your carpet fresh and revitalized? Contact our professional team at ProCare in Vancouver for a clean start!
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5 Cleaning Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Try
by allprocleanadmin | Jul 21, 2015 | Cleaning Tips
When it comes to cleaning, everyone is looking for ways to make things easier. The ultimate way to make cleaning simple is to hire a Vancouver, WA housecleaning service. Are you still cleaning your home the old fashioned way - by yourself? If so, you'll appreciate these 5 easy cleaning tips.

1. Baking Soda can Move Mountains of Grime A simple baking soda/water paste will eliminate tough oven grime without using any harsh chemicals. Not only is this method more energy-efficient than running the self-cleaning cycle, it is also much safer for your family than using traditional oven cleaners.

2. Delay Window Cleaning Since direct sunlight can dry windows too quickly, early evenings are the best time to clean windows to avoid streaks and smudges. Window cleaning is one of the few tasks that you actually have a valid excuse for putting off until later.

3. Microfiber is your Cleaning BFF Microfiber cloths have special fibers that are able to pick up dust and germs without using any chemicals. Then, you can simply toss them in the washing machine to get ready for their next use. They also come in a variety of colors so you can actually color-code your cloths to each room in your home to prevent cross-contamination.

4. Think outside the Cleaning Box Don't be fooled by late-night infomercials. Cleaning time doesn't mean you have to run out and spend a ton of money on specialty cleaning tools. Use what you have laying around the house as cleaning tools. You'd be surprised what you have laying around your house that will actually make cleaning easier.

5. Embrace the Magic of Magic Erasers When you need to power-through soap scum or remove stains from countertops and walls, you will want to reach for a magic eraser. Since they work using plain tap water, they are a chemical-free alternative to conventional cleaners.

Don't forget, even the simplest trick is still more time consuming than hiring a cleaning service to handle things for you! So, what are you waiting for?

What's your favorite cleaning tip or trick? Leave us a comment to let us know!
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